Drunkard's Path - With the braids leading opposite directions, the implication is of a staggering path. Thus it's name, "Drunkard". The eighteen pewter threads that make up this bracelet give it an appearance of delicacy and strength simultaneously. SHOP

Ett Rep - Made with 14 strands of pewter thread measuring approximately 5 meters in total,  this "one rope" can be worn by both men and women, equally. SHOP

Stig "Path" - This simple beauty is made with eight strands of pewter thread with a strip of reindeer leather woven in a "Path" amongst the braid. It is one of the most popular bracelet amongst both men and women. It is a perfect bracelet to stand alone or to wear stacked with a wider piece. SHOP

Dori Sing - This is a simple braid made with three strands of pewter thread. It is ideal for your first in your collection or for stacking with more intricate designs.“Dori” is a dwarf from the Völuspá, a poem that tells the story of the creation of the world, Norse style. SHOP

Komfort "Comfort" -  Made with heavy pewter thread and thick brown leather cording, this is a perfect bracelet for the man in your life. I created this bracelet with my husband and son in mind and "Comfort" was born. SHOP

Vidar -  SHOP

Broken Road - Made with two strips of reindeer leather and four pewter threads, this piece allows you to feel the supple and welcoming leather. Resembling a road broken along the way, it is a reminder of the adversity that can be experienced along the adventure of life. SHOP

Inuti "Within" - This may be a simple design, but it does not lack in beauty. This bracelet is made with eight strands of heavy pewter thread and as it ages, it becomes even more beautiful. SHOP

Forget-Me-Not - This beautiful bracelet was inspired by my home state of Alaska. The Forget-Me-Not is the state flower and one of my personal favorites. Made with matte blue glass beads and silver beads on black reindeer leather, this gorgeous bracelets looks lovely when worn by itself or along side other bracelets in your collection! SHOP


Yggdrasill - With twelve pewter threads, this is a beautiful piece that tells an old story. Yggdrasil is an immense tree that is central in Norse mythology on which the nine wolds existed. These nine worlds are represented by the three, 3 strand braids. SHOP

Beaded Dori Sing - SHOP

Dori - This simple beauty is made with six strands of pewter thread and is a perfect stand alone and also incredible for stacking. The weight of the pewter thread allows for an active lifestyle and wears beautifully. "Dori" is a dwarf from the Völuspá, a poem that tells the story of the creation of the world, Norse style. SHOP

Big Drift -  SHOP

Broken Road III - SHOP

Box - The bracelet is made with 12 strands of heavy gauged pewter thread and is extremely impressive when brand new and even more so as time goes by. The heavy gauge of pewter allows for a true "melting" look and can not help but catch the eye. SHOP

Broken Road II -This version of Broken Road also has two strips of reindeer leather and four pewter threads in the center. However, in this design, there are four pewter threads that make up the twists on the border that represent a specific path. This shows that if the road is broken, stay strong and follow the path and success will be within reach. SHOP

Trail in the Snow - This beautiful design is a delicate form of "Driva" and is made with a "trail" making it's way through the snow drift. It is made with fourteen strands of pewter thread. This unique piece is quite elegant and wears well with anything. SHOP

Double Path - Like it's counterpart, Double Path is made with 8 strands of pewter thread with a strip of reindeer leather woven in the "Path". However, this bracelet has a double braid in between the leather. This one is also great for both men and women. SHOP

Saara -  Dainty and beautiful, this bracelet has ocean blue glass beads that make this piece especially unique. (Various colors of beads are available) Named after a friend and associate, I am proud to call it "Saara". SHOP

Dagr "Day" - Dagr in Norse Mythology is day personified. He is associated with the bright maned horse "Skinfaxi" who draws day to mankind. This bracelet is made with 12 pewter threads and with age this piece shines like the coming day. SHOP