Each piece is unique and special. The leather is beautiful and because of the nature of leather, the color will change by deepening and becoming richer with time and wear. You will also see a change in the pewter; it will flatten and become shiny in places, forming a wonderful patina. This will vary greatly depending on the frequency you wear your piece and how you care for it.

The heavy gauge pieces are perfect for those who will wear their piece everyday and give it a lot of love. Time, for these pieces, creates a very deep "wear pattern". Examples are: Dori, Within, Tide, Dori Sing.

The fine gauge pieces, if worn everyday, will show the result of time and wear much quicker, simply because they are made with a fine gauge of pewter. Less alloy means quicker transformation. Ask yourself how often you will wear your piece and the rigours you will put it through when choosing your bracelet.

Remember, I can always customize any piece by creating it with a heavier gauge pewter if you desire!

Choosing your size

In order to maintain the life and beauty of your piece we advise you:

  • Avoid wearing your piece in water for extended periods of time (i.e. swimming, bathing, showering).
  • Always use the button to remove or to put your bracelet on. This ensures that your bracelet will not undergo unnecessary stretching caused by improper removal or wearing.
  • If there is a rare occasion when your bracelet needs to be washed, do so with a gentle soap and water. To dry it, blot it against a towel and then lay out until it is completely dry. 



Traditional sizing is that of a slightly snug fit. In order to obtain this, measure the true circumference of your wrist and then add an additional 1/4 inch. If you would like a different fit (looser), keep in mind that the bracelet will stretch about 1/4 of an inch, sometimes less and sometimes more depending on how often and under what conditions you wear it. 

Your bracelet will fit tighter when new, but with wear it will stretch approximately 1/4 of an inch and mold beautifully to your wrist. Thereafter, it will maintain definition for years to come.
As your bracelet ages, it will take on a new life, becoming more beautiful. The pewter thread will flatten over time, creating a unique silver-like and shiny patina. 

Things to know

​You may exchange your piece within 3 months of the date of purchase (with proof of purchase date) for any reason providing that your piece is new and unworn. You will be responsible for the return priority shipping.

Selecting your design

Depending on the size you ordered, wearing your bracelet for sometime and the stretching that will take place, you may feel your bracelet is a bit too loose. In that case, I will downsize your bracelet free of charge within a year from the date of purchase.  Please keep in mind that this isn't always possible, but if you would like me to try to adjust the length, feel free to contact me.

Please mail your piece to:

Nomadic Artistry 
2485 Pine Dr. 
Ferndale, WA 98248 ​

This is a free service I love to provide. I only ask you to pay for return return priority shipping ($7.25).
Please note: if you need sizing beyond the year limit, there will be a $15.00 charge PLUS priority return shipping.

Caring for your piece