Born in 1969, Augusta is a 2nd generation Swede and a 3rd generation Norwegian who grew up on Mitkoff Island in Southeast Alaska. Petersburg; the sole community on this small island is known as "Little Norway." Growing up in this picturesque town, it was impossible not to have her art influenced by her heritage and her environment. Her mother and father, both commercial fisherman, are artists in their own rights and Augusta's style has been deeply impacted because of this. Happily married since 1988 and a mother of two beautiful children ages 25 and 27 and a Nana to her first grandbaby, Augusta has developed her artistic personality over her life's adventures.

Augusta uses traditional and authentic materials imported from Sweden to create Sámi bracelets for women and men alike. Each piece of this handcrafted jewelry is meticulously handmade using centuries old techniques in order for Nomadic Artistry to present to you a very beautifully authentic and much loved piece of Scandinavian history and tradition.

about the artist

The work that Nomadic Artistry creates is known by many names; Pewter Bracelets, Reindeer Bracelets, Sami Jewelry, Pewter Jewelry, Lapland Jewelry, and many others. None of these names are incorrect as they are a perfect description of the art itself, however the true inclusive name for all the others is Duodji.

Duodji encompasses all the handicrafts made by the Sámi people based on Sámi traditions, designs, patterns and/or colors. Every Duodji has a historic background, whether by being crafted using techniques dating back to the time when the item began to be used or it might be ornamented with ancient designs. These bracelets, handcrafted by Nomadic Artistry, are only a small representation of Duodji, which includes knives, cast silver and pewter items, wood work and leather work, to name a few.

The Handicraft