The work that Nomadic Artistry creates is known by many names; Pewter Bracelets, Reindeer Bracelets, Sami Jewelry, Pewter Jewelry, Lapland Jewelry, and many others. None of these names are incorrect as they are a perfect description of the art itself, however the true inclusive name for all the others is Duodji.

Duodji encompasses all the handicrafts made by the Sámi people based on Sámi traditions, designs, patterns and/or colors. Every Duodji has a historic background, whether by being crafted using techniques dating back to the time when the item began to be used or it might be ornamented with ancient designs. These bracelets, handcrafted by Nomadic Artistry, are only a small representation of Duodji, which includes knives, cast silver and pewter items, wood work and leather work, to name a few.


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